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"It is a crime against lost humanity to go in the name of Christ and missions just to do the social work and yet neglect calling men to repent — to give up their idols and rebellion — and follow Jesus Christ with all their hearts. There is nothing wrong with charitable acts but they are not to be confused with preaching the gospel, people may die more educated, better governed and healthier, but they die without Christ and are bound for hell.

When God changes the heart and spirit, the physical changes also. If you want to meet the needs of the poor in this world, there is no better place to start than by preaching the Gospel. Could it be that millions are suffering the flames of hell today because we focused on meeting superficial physical needs rather than concentrating on their most basic need?"

Quote by Dr. K.P. Johannan

Mobile Dental Clinic

We thank God for the incredible gift of the Mobile Dental Clinic donated to Afrika wa Yesu by Judy Sprague, backed up by Resurrection Fellowship and Help International, all of Colorado, USA. This is an amazing tool for entering the regions beyond with the gospel, prayer and physical care.

Afrika Wa Yesu + MOZAMBIQUE = Dental Evangelism

“Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.”

James 2:18

Works as well as faith is needed in the devil’s domain. We show our love for the soul by taking care of the body also. People walk long distances to find relief for their pain at our Inhaminga Dental Clinic. Often they are very nervous; never having received professional dental help before. Here at the clinic they receive a warm welcome. The gospel is shared with them and they are prayed for before receiving any treatment. They are always amazed at the mostly painless treatment due to the local anaesthetic and gentle care they are given.

Dentist with Missionary Heart Needed!

If you have a passion for souls and desire to help alleviate pain through dentistry, please contact us!

Dentistry here is tough. Most people have never had the opportunity to visit a dentist. Extractions are needed almost every time they come.

Government requires any foreign dentist to have four years experience before they are allowed to practice in Mozambique.

Highlights in the Bush

The only doctor is the witchdoctor who uses primitive instruments such as home made knives, sharp stones and witchcraft potions. Combining evangelism with Mobile Clinic outreaches is a great way to reach the unreached. We traverse along dirt roads to hidden villages carrying life, love and hope to some of the poorest people in the world.

MASSANDZA — At this small village, (less than an hour’s drive from Inhaminga) the people were unreached and in great darkness. Just a year ago there was no road to this region. It was a closed community of very poor and needy people who were very hesitant to receive help. Here’s why!

“Don’t pull OUR teeth to give to our dead ancestors!"

Some of the people believed we were after their teeth because their ancestors are demanding their teeth. (Teeth are used for witchcraft practices.) Once the tooth is out, a demon spirit moves into the next tooth. So, not a good idea to have your teeth pulled, once you start you’ll end up with nothing! We did not realize how much we need to educate the people in order to have good results. From now on we are better prepared.

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