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Project Alegria (JOY)

Mozambique is considered one of the poorest in the world. Project Alegria not only gives to the poor, but teaches and empowers the poor to give also, that they too may share in the joy of giving.

“I have showed you all things, how that so laboring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Act 20:35

Intense Flooding Causes Havoc Along Rivers View Flood Report

We sent an outreach and aid team to Lalua to share the love of Jesus as well as practical help to those whose homes had been destroyed by flooding as a result of much heavier rains than usual for the area. People were waiting for us when we arrived and their eyes were full of joy when they saw that people were coming to help them.

It was sad to see the way people were living, huddled together, building small, fragile, grass huts very close to each other, without any privacy or security. Many people came and went, carrying branches and grass on their heads, to build a place to sleep. Many did not have hoes or machetes as they had lost their belongings in the floods. Food and clean water were in serious shortage, and the people lived in a state of misery.

We walked among the displaced people in their camp, listening to their stories and taking some pictures. Many spoke of the violent fury of the waters that drew everything they owned away. It was hard to imagine and even believe what they told us, so we decided to go down to where their former homes were. It was then that I could believe and understand what had happened. All we saw was mud and water, totally destroyed fields, trees and shrubs all over the ground. We saw clothes hanging on the branches of trees that had been left there by the flood waters. There was nothing left of the houses. There was some movement of people as they tried to recover their lost belongings, and set up house again.

We were told of two brothers who had lost their lives in the floods. They had rescued their families and then tried to return to salvage some of their belongings. But the force of the water was too violent and it dragged them downstream. They never came back. When the waters subsided, a boat went looking for them, without success. Four days later, when the waters went down further, a few men went out to search for the two brothers again and found one. Only the next day did they find the other. The two bodies were completely disfigured, unrecognisable. They leave behind their wives and children who are now without an income. One of the men had seven children and the other had six. We could see the pain and hopelessness that these women carried in their eyes, but were able to comfort them and the children and help them with food.

As we distributed the food, Mariano shared about God's love. We handed out the corn meal and beans, and everyone waited intently to thank God as they received their share. It was not a lot, but it sure was very welcome. We spent the night there and showed the Jesus film, praying with many people.

The next day we distributed food to people who came from further away, an area where vehicles could not get to because of the mud and water. We also distributed machetes, mosquito nets, and plastic to help provide effective shelter from the rain. We also had fun playing soccer with the children in the village. What a privilege to be able to ease the pain of others through the love of Jesus.

View Flood Report

Heavy Rains Caused Cooler Temperatures Than Usual — Blanket Distribution in Nacala

Mozambicans love to give. We empowered our students to give, as they did not have enough money to buy blankets to give away.

Distributing blankets for five-day evangelism outreach
Distributing blankets for five-day evangelism outreach
Distributing blankets for five-day evangelism outreach

This morning we distributed two blankets to each of the students to take on their five day evangelism outreach. The students will give these blankets away to those whom God points out to them. They will receive words of knowledge, wisdom, discernment to know who needs to be touched by the love of God through these gifts. They can give to believers or non believers, with a message that God loves them, sees their need and is meeting it.

Rodney told the students that they must be ready to experience the blessing that comes in giving, and that it will trigger off a desire to give in them, because of the joy that fills us when we give.

They prophesied over the blankets, so amazing to hear the declarations of faith. “Every child, father and mother who is covered by these blankets will experience the covering of the love of God’. Every person who is alone, will know they are not alone when they feel the comfort of these blankets.” “Those who are cold at night will no longer be cold, because they will be warmed by the love of God.”

Antonio and his twin babies

Witchdoctors who turn to Jesus lose their source of income

Antonio and his wife Cecelia accepted Jesus over 2 years ago. Cecelia was a well known witchdoctor in the Ribaue area (Northern Mozambique). They made a radical, life-changing decision when they turned from witchcraft to Christ.

Normally people who receive Jesus bring their witchcraft fetishes and tools to be burned. This couple made a decision to not only burn their witchcraft and materials, but to literally burn their entire house as it was had been a house of witchcraft. The house was reminding them of their past and they could not progress, so they literally burned up their past.

Their income had come through their witchcraft business. Of course, this income stopped as they were no longer practicing witchcraft and they had to find other ways to survive.

Just over one month ago Cecelia gave birth to the twins. Pastor Armando writes:

"I had a privilege of knowing and seeing this couple serve Jesus together. Whenever I visited Ribaue, Antonio and Cecelia would cook and serve our table. Cecelia gave birth to the twin babies and then died a few weeks later due to the bad surgery on delivery. The babies were breastfed by a neighbour and now they live on Lactogen Formula milk. It is difficult for the father to find money to pay for this milk."

Project Alegria will provide formula milk until the babies are one year old, and is also helping the family in other ways as there are six more children in the family, eight all together counting the twins.

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